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Orange Romania completes first phase of smart-city pilot project in Alba Iulia

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Orange Romania completed the first phase of the smart-city pilot project in Alba Iulia and began the analysis phase of the first data collected through the implemented products. Almost one year after signing the cooperation agreement with Alba Iulia City Hall, the installation of the equipment was finalised and the data analysis started. At present, there are over 600 sensors in Alba Iulia, which, together with the mobile, fixed and dedicated communications networks, create the digital infrastructure of the city.

Alba Iulia enjoys broadband internet access, 4G / 4G +/LTE-A, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN provided by Orange Romania and secured through the Business Internet Security platform. This open infrastructure is based on an open data platform through which applications developed by partner start-ups connect local authorities, locals, tourists, and entrepreneurs in Alba Iulia. In this way, the digital infrastructure of the city facilitates new opportunities as well as the optimisation of local resources. The operator said the infrastructure enables digital governance through a platform for connecting to Wi-Fi, the Civic Alert service which enables people to alert authorities in connection with the town’s issues, and the City Analytics service which enables local authorities to track pedestrian traffic. As part of the same project, a digital class platform was installed in 2 high schools in Alba Iulia. There’s also an e-alba iulia app for Android and iOS which offers various pieces of information about the town’s touristic objectives to those who visit the locality.

In addition, as part of Orange’s pilot project, 4 student teams from Alba Iulia presented smart city products at the Innovation Labs hackathon. One of them qualified for the Demo Day 2017 final in Bucharest. Also, as a result of Orange’s acceptance in the Horizon2020, Matilda and Slicenet research programmes, Alba Iulia will become the beneficiary of 5G smart-vertical technologies. The infrastructure also includes sensors for monitoring air quality which were installed in 15 buses that have Wi-Fi as well as a platform for managing public lighting.

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